Industries Served

At Manilla Logistics, serving to a broad array of industries in a tailor-made fashion brings us great joy and the coveted sense of professional satisfaction. Manilla Logistics has become worthy of your trust and loyalty because of our experience, expertise and dedication towards providing brilliance in all facets of transportation and warehousing to different market sectors and industries.

Our reliable and extensive network of partners across the North American continent makes us your ‘go to’ logistics partners. Market sectors that have derived the first-rate and supremely efficient services of Manilla Logistics include:

  • Manufacturing sector
  • Food and Beverages industry
  • Automotive parts and equipment industry
  • Healthcare sector
  • Retail & E-commerce corporations
  • Technology andElectronics
  • Plastic goods industry
  • Event organizers
  • Airline Cargo

What makes us the most zealous freight forwarders in North America is that we are not done yet! We expect to touch many more industries and provide them with memorable services consistently.