About Us

Manila Logistics Inc. is a third-party logistics (3PL) services provider with primary offices in Toronto, Ontario. Since our inception, convenience, transparency and affordability in logistics services have found a permanent home at Manila Logistics.

We are a family run business driven by superbly skilled and experienced professionals handling all areas of logistics services. Our reputation as trustworthy service providers with an astute understanding of the latest industry standards and practices has reached far and wide.

Currently, we have a network of more than 500 carriers across North America, making us one of the fastest rising enterprises in this industry.The future of logistics with brilliance all around awaits you at Manila Logistics.

Our mission

Understanding the requirements of our customers and delivering the needful- day in and day out is an integral facet of our methodologies. Our offerings pertaining to transportation, warehousing as well as logistics consultation utilize the latest and most effective solutions. With our eyes set on the road ahead and our feet balanced on the accelerator, Manilla Logistics has chosen to incorporate Artificial Intelligence (AI) in relevant processes related to transportation and warehousing for incredibly efficient services beyond the expectations of our customers.

Our vision

Balancing the needs of the present while moving towards a future of truly superlative logistics services has been our central focus and paramount vision. Making Manila Logistics synonymous with the highest standards in 3 PL while becoming the undoubted first choice of all North Americans is where we see ourselves in times to come.

Core values

Manila Logistics defines commitment, trust and reliability. We have always adopted a customer centric approach in our operations. The love, appreciation and loyalty we have received from our valued customer goes on to show that we are on the right path. For us, adhering to the highest standards of safety and ensuring consistent growth are equally important.